Thursday, 13 February 2014

Need for a good cord blood bank in today’s world.

The most blessed feeling and moments of a couple’s life are having a baby. When you are all set to welcome a new member in the house, busy making the house ready for your little one, you take care of all the things that need to be taken care of. You wish to give your baby the best of things with the best start of in the new life. Thus you make sure everything around is healthy and safe for your child. And in this you also get connected to a cord blood bank that will safe keep your stem cells where they promise to give you the highest recovery of the stem cell often termed as TNC (Total Nucleated Cell Recovery).

Most of the cord blood blank representatives will claim that their main aim is to save as many stem cells of a particular family, but they fail to inform you about which stem cell will benefit your child and would possibly help in some life-saving transplants. Sometimes some of the stems cells are found with nucleated red blood cells that will not be beneficial in critical conditions when they use the stem cell for any kind of treatment or transplant. So while choosing a bank make sure they offer with an opportunity to collect stem cells that are specific like CD34+ stem cells, that are found with blood saving cells and help in the survival of the patient when doing a transplant.
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