Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why Save Baby Cord Blood?

Stem cell research, an all time controversial topic has witnessed a new development with the discovery of stem cell presence in the umbilical cord blood. Broadly classified into either adult or embryonic, stem cells have a remarkable potential of renewing themselves. Where the embryonic stem cells (ESC) possess a far greater differentiation potential in becoming the cell of any human body, the adult stem cells on the other hand are  partly committed to different cell fates. However, scientists have been striving hard to reprogram the functionalities of adult cells thereby making these cells suitable for treating different diseases. The  real challenge faced by the scientists is to collect adult stem cells, which is very rare in the mature tissues. But with the recent discovery about the existence of adult stem cells in umbilical cord blood, many doctors and researchers are now supporting the choice of banking it.

Umbilical cord and placenta which were  thrown away post the child birth until recently, have now turned out to be of valuable resource for medical research and life saving treatments. Public and private banking choices are available for preserving the umbilical cord. Parents who can’t afford the expensive cord blood pricing of private banks can donate the valuable stem cell enriched cord blood to the public banks. Donated cord blood will be used for transplants and medical research purposes.  Extracting the umbilical cord blood is a harmless procedure that  neither harms the mother  nor the new born. Storing the cord tissue and blood at a competitive cord blood pricing in private banks will be a long term investment for your child’s future. 

If you are still wondering why save baby cord blood, here are some reasons you should know. Stem cells found in the cord blood have a remarkable potential to treat many forms of cancer, inherited metabolic disorders and other debilitating diseases. Even doctors prefer collecting cord blood as an alternative to bone marrow for stem cell transplant because it doesn’t require a perfect match and is less invasive. Families, especially with a genetic history of any sort of disorders are strongly advised to bank the umbilical cord tissue and blood. Stem cell research, being an ongoing field of research has been exploring groundbreaking ways to harness the healing power of cord blood.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Why You Should Consider Banking Cord Blood?

Stem cell treatment has been a controversial topic over the last decade. Advanced stem cell research findings have been offering a promising approach to revolutionise the future of medicine. Why the medical community thinks stem cells have the potential to treat serious diseases affecting the world? Unique properties of these master cells make it a limitless internal repair system. Self renewal, differentiation and unspecialized nature are some of the noteworthy features. Sources of stem cells include embryos, adult tissues and amniotic fluid. While embryonic stem cell research has been surrounded by ethical arguments and debates, scientists are successful in using the umbilical cord blood stem cells for transplants. 

With the recent findings about the benefits of baby’s umbilical cord blood, researchers have been
encouraging the medical community and parents to bank it. Cord blood that is collected immediately after child birth is rich with stem cells. The process of extracting and preserving the extra blood found in umbilical cord and placenta is termed as umbilical cord blood banking. Amount of stem cells found in cord blood is much higher than those found in the bone marrow, which make it a perfect choice for transplants.  Moreover, harvesting the cord blood or tissue poses no risks as it neither hurts the mother nor the newborn. Nowadays, many parents are saving their child’s cord blood and valuable cord blood tissues with a long-term vision.

Private and public umbilical cord blood banking are available. Storing of cord blood may cost some dollars. However, parents can even think about donating the cord blood which may be a life-saving solution for transplant patients. Both the cord blood and cord tissue is enriched with stem cells, but they function differently. Cord blood contains Hematopoietic stem cells which develop into blood-related cells in body, while the umbilical cord blood tissues contain Mesenchymal stem cells which develop into structural and connective tissues. Both the stem cells are subjected to different clinical trials and holds the promise of curing several diseases such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s' disease, Alzheimer’s , lung disease, arthritis and organ failure. So think about taking the advantages of ongoing medical discoveries and opt for cord blood banking.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Do You Want to Preserve Umbilical Cord Tissue?

Is it really possible to secure any bodies life? In the past, we could just not even think about it, but with the introduction of umbilical cord therapy, we can now secure the lives of our children’s and loved ones. Modern stem cell banking helps in securing your children’s health against critical medical conditions, provided you store your baby’s naval cord blood at an authentic cord blood bank. CariCord is one of the leading modern stem cell banking companies that offers quality processes for preserving your baby’s precious cord tissues.

CariCord is one amongst the five private family cord blood banks that has got FDA (Food and Drug Administration) accreditation as well as AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) certification.  CariCord follows quality processes that are set forth by AABB. Though CariCord is a private family cord blood bank, it provides quality services at affordable rates. Once you submit   your child’s naval cord blood at CariCord, utmost care is taken for preserving this natural umbilical cord blood. CariCord is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies like transplanting stem cells into new cells and more.

While preserving the natural umbilical cord tissue for longer period of time, there are chances of it losing its originality. At CariCord, we preserve the natural umbilical cordblood in cryogenic condition at 196 degree centigrade so as to maintain its originality. The umbilical cord blood therapy helps in providing  full security  to your  children’s, siblings and the family members from against more than 80 life threatening  diseases like blood disorders, cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, diabetes, genetic and immunodeficiency diseases and many more. We at CariCord are pledged to provide our customers with round the clock assistance with quality services in order to secure the precious lives of your loved ones. CariCord is always available to assist you in making utmost use of the awesome gift by medical science; the umbilical cord therapy. Make your loved ones live a worry-free healthy life by securing your families’ cord tissues at CariCord.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why you need to save your baby's cord blood?

With the success in the research of placenta blood therapy, researchers have now achieved a big mile stone in medical science. Many among us still do not have a clear knowledge about what is cord blood. In simple lay man words, cord blood is the blood found in the umbilical cord. It is a sample of blood that is taken from a baby's naval cord after its birth. Once the child is born the obstetrician cuts the cord connecting the baby with its mother. The blood found in the umbilical cord or the placenta after separating the baby from its mother is known as cord blood. It is very important for any expecting parent to know what is cord blood before deciding to preserve their child’s s cord blood at any stem cell bank. Unlike other cord banks, we at provide our customers with the truthful information about the stem cells and cord tissue therapy.


For us, each and every expecting parent is of high importance. Not because they invest bucks at our umbilical cord blood banking laboratory, but because they have taken the right and significant decision of gifting the most precious gift to their children’s, we firmly believe that an investment in cord blood banking is a worthwhile step as it simply means to secure your little baby's future health against 80 deadly diseases including diabetes, bone marrow failure, blood disorders, cancers and many other. CariCord is one of its kind cord tissue banking laboratory that has 10,000 clean and well maintained hygienic rooms for preserving your baby's cord tissues for more than 15 years at quite reasonable rates.

Hopefully you would have now clearly understood the answer to the question, why save baby's cord blood? By storing the cord tissues, you are simply securing the health of all your family members. Stem cell therapy offers immense advantages which we never had before. We lost many of our loved one in the past years due to infections from deadly incurable diseases. But now with the success in umbilical therapy, we now have the facility of protecting our loved ones. Also, with the help of stem cells, we can now successfully replace the damaged cells with new cells, providing a lease of life to the patient’s. So, don't you think this therapy is very powerful and has the potential of securing your families health against any critical medical situation! Many expecting parents have understood its importance and have started registering themselves with FDA approved cord banks like CariCord, without having any doubts about why save baby's cord blood. The ball is now in your court. Your one decision with a small investment can secure the future health of your precious children’s and loved ones.
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