Cord Blood Banking

Choose a trustworthy blood cord bank

Now because you have decided and finalized as couple that you want to safe keep your baby’s cord blood then you need to approach the correct blood cord bank. To do that you can do a little research on the different banks available in the market and their status or position in the market when talking about trust and honesty. You may be confused as to how to find out if the bank is worth approaching or no then here are a few points that will help you. 

Does the blood cord bank have any certification? The bank you have finalized to approach you need to make sure it is accredited by AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) who are specialized and experts in storing of the hematopoietic stem cells. This bank should also be registered with the US Food and Drug Administration, and certification of an ISO .

Make sure the one you are planning to bank your stem cells offers to the ability to collect maximum stem cells. They should collect maximum stem cells from both the umbilical cord and the placenta so that the purpose of saving this is fulfilled.

Successful Storage
Have complete information of the bank from the market. Check their track records of storing as well as releasing of the stem cells for any kind of transplant. As a customer you can ask the bank how many have been stored and released in the past. Also ask them or other people if any of the stored stem cell was rejected. 

Back-up Facility
What back up facility does your blood cord bank have incase the numbers have increased. ? Do they have a well equipped security system to safe-keep the cord in the bank? If the bank has kept a note of your blood cord bank then he can easily think of your security too. 

Cord Blood Pricing
Discuss the price with the agent and try to figure out eh costing, choose a bank that does not take extra money like that but also gives you excellent services for the same. Before you finalize on anything take a look another blood cord and check on their prizes. Also find out that if your blood cord cannot be processed then will they give you a refund or will you have to leave the money for ever. So think at least twice before you choose your bank.

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