What are Stem Cells?

It has been proven in a lot of research that preservation of stem cell has been beneficial in curing many diseases like cancer too. Though this act has become very important still some people ignore the fact that it is important for the future. Most of the expecting parents plan and decide about stem cell banking because in normal deliveries at times it may happen before the decided due date. This is one reason that when deliveries take place early parent miss out on deciding to for stem cell banking. Therefore one needs to plan this and contact the correct bank.

These banks will be able to provide various options to the parents. These banks also advise the would-be-parents to plan the stem cell banking early by the fourth month of pregnancy. Usually it is seen that those parents decide to preserve cord blood cells who have seen a particular kind of disease in the family history or if someone dear is already some from some kind of illness where the bone marrow transplant can give them more chances of survival. Also in such cases the mother has to get some test done in order to find out whether the mother is eligible for the donation and then she also has to sign a permission form. 

The need for stem cell banking has risen because parents think that in case there is an emergency then they would not have to wait for a donor. They can use the preserved cord blood cells and save time and life of the person. There may be families from the lower background who would not have saved the stem cells of their babies but still they will be able to find a stem cell matching to the person in need form the Public cord banks. 

There are many cord blood bank, some are private which claim to be non-profit organizations and some are public banks. The payment and payment scheme will differ from bank to bank. But there are some banks that don’t charge the parents anything until it has been proved that it is worth being stored and preserved. And if you in any case decide to donate the stem cell for any kind of research purpose then the charges will be less. There are also many non-profit banks in which cord banking that offer free of cost cord banking programs or at most minimal charges.

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