Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cord Blood Banking- Need of the Hour

With so many diseases evolving it has become very important to take a close look on certain important things. From the time cord blood banking has been into existence its benefits have not been unknown to anyone. Hence it has become important that we consider this point and all expecting parents must decide to store the stem cells found in the umbilical cord. Umbilical cord banking in California is very popular. People have understood the importance of it and have starting going for stem cell banking. There are many good banks for umbilical cord banking in California. You can ask your doctor to suggest you one in case you have a difficulty in deciding which bank to approach. 

Your doctor will give recommend you the best bank that deals in storing cord blood in California. These banks need to be contacted in advance to understand your case and to know if there are any complications in your case. This way they will get a clear idea of when they can come and collect the cord blood to extract the stem cells. Umbilical cord blood is the richest source of stem cells. These cells act as saving cells for those patients who are suffering from life-taking diseases. So when you choose a bank that is ready to help you in saving cord blood in California then you need to also make sure it is reputed and has experienced and qualified staff to keep the stem cells in the right way for years in their bank. 

If you have done your part of research on the bank then you will surely get the right bank to store the stem cells of your child that will help in the future for any kind of medical assistance. In fact it can be used by the family members too if they are suffering from any disease. Many people also go for family cord in California so that in case any member in the family needs the cord blood cells then they can avail it. This way you can save many lives and also secure your child’s future too.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Importance of cord blood stem cells

The transplants of stem cells found in the cord have been successful in almost all the patients who have gone through this treatment. These stem cells have the power to transform into any type of organ like heart, neural cells and even the liver. Still the scientist is researching on it to see how many other benefits can be taken from the stem cells that are derived from the umbilical cord blood. These stem cells are also capable of repairing damaged tissues when a person gets a heart attack or strokes.

The cord tissues are rich in stem cells that are very helpful in treating childhood leukemia for years. Many have been saved with this treatment. Chemotherapy can control cancer for certain time but to get rid of it you need to go through stem cell transplant that will help in building new tissues and organs thus getting rid of the old one. So the patient gets a new life and recovers fast. It is one of the safest and best ways to recover someone suffering from diseases related to heart, kidney, liver and the immunity. It will give you the strength to recover soon and give you a normal life like before.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

What is the cost of cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is a thing that everyone should go for. It has become very important today that you save your baby’s cord blood for his future treatments and other reasons. This cord blood can help to cure patients with life taking disease. Still there are many people who are not aware of this and there are some who know of tit but cost of blood banking is what keeps them away from deciding to opt for umbilical cord blood banking. The cost of cord blood banking is not more than the life of your child. Hence all parents must go for it thinking it will help their children in the future.

The banks have very nicely managed with the cord blood banking pricing. They have various categories for storing the cord blood. So you can choose the category you feel best suits you and decide to store your baby’s cord blood accordingly. If you want you can also go for family cord blood banking as it allows the family to store their cord blood in one place. The charges for the same are on the higher side, but if you think you can afford it then you can even opt for that type of cord blood banking. There are many people who need to think a lot before they go for cord blood banking because the cord blood banking pricing can be a major issue. 

The price of cord blood banking is starts with a minimal amount of $600-$2100. The charges will vary on the number of years you choose to store the stem cells of your baby. You can store you baby’s stem cells for up to 20 years. These banks have prepaid plans and other payment plans that lighten the burden not effecting your daily expenses. So you can choose the right payment options so that you don't have to face any financial crunches later on.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What is the importance a baby umbilical cord?

A baby umbilical cord is the main source through which the child in the womb gets nutrients, food, blood, oxygen and water. All that is sent through the umbilical cord is directly linked to the baby. This is the one connection between the child and mother. During her pregnancy every woman eats very healthy food and make sure to take the necessary supplements so that they have a healthy baby, because all they eat directly affects their child. This baby umbilical cord blood has a rich source of stem cells, that can be extracted after the birth of the child. This process is safe and easy, it takes just a few minutes.

Many people ask that why save baby cord blood. It is very important to save the baby cord blood because it is like a life insurance that will safeguard your child in the future from any kind of health related problems. Research has proved that these stem cells help to cure cancer type diseases. These were earlier found only in bone marrow and were difficult to find a perfect match but with the invention of umbilical cord stem cells saving lives of such people has become very easy. If the match is not perfect, you don't need to worry as even a slight match can help in starting the treatment. With the ability to grow into new tissues and organs you can also get heart and kidney related diseases cured with stem cell. This is the answer to all those who asked why save baby cord blood.

There are special baby cord blood bank where you can store the stem cells for at least 15 years. While you are choosing the baby cord bank make sure to read all the term & conditions so there are no loop holes in the between. Don't miss to read even a single page of the agreement so that they don't bluff you later on. Also keep a copy of the same to prove your terms of agreement in case of any ambiguities in the future.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cord blood is a Life savior for many

Cord blood banking is a must decision that all parents must take while they are expecting parents. All expecting parents must talk to their doctor and take all details about cord blood banking. It is very beneficial for all parents to consider this. This not only saves your child’s life but it will also help to cure your family members if they are suffering from any deadly disease. You can use the stem cells to build new tissues, and organs and give the patient a new life. If you want you can also donate these stem cells so that someone else can use and get a new life. 

The umbilical cord blood is said to have the maximum amount of stem cells than found in bone marrow. These stems can be preserved for years and can be used at any time in the future to cure your child and other family members when there is an emergency. Cord blood being rich in stem cells was not known to people earlier or else many lives would have been saved. These cells are capable of molding themselves easily in any type of environment in the human body. Indirectly you can say these are the cells that made your baby. This cord blood is collected after the delivery of the baby and after the clamp of the umbilical cord is cut.
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