Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Baby’s Cord Blood – A Lifetime Gift

Baby’s cord blood is full of stem cells that revive life in any medical urgency. It is a reservoir of natural & vital cells that have the potential to repair the damaged cells in a patient’s body. After years of research, the researchers have succeeded in finding the immense usage of baby’s cord blood. 3 decades ago, the health-providers and the gynecologists did not know about the possibilities of the umbilical cord blood. But, because of incessant work and research by the brilliant researchers, the world became aware about the hidden possibilities of the placenta blood. 


Today, there are many cord blood banks that provide quality storage facilities. The private cord blood banking company has neat & clean rooms for storing the precious birth cord blood for future medical requirements. The bank follows the quality parameters set by the FDA and the American Association of Blood Banks. You can trust the bank, which is accredited by the AABB and authorized by the FDA. By registering a membership with any of the banks, you simply secure your baby’s future health as well as the health of the family members. 

On the first hand, you may find the storage facility costly. But, it is not more expensive than your baby’s life. The cord tissue saves your children from the Cancers, Bone Marrow Failure, Blood disorders, Diabetes and other critical diseases. So, before you enter into the motherhood, plan for securing your newborn baby’s cord tissue with a premium cord blood bank in the USA. As per the researchers, it can treat 80 diseases and they are confident that more illnesses will be treated in the near future. Being a proud parent, give the most precious gift to your baby by securing the natural stem cells in the authorized cord blood banking company and live peacefully.

Monday, 29 September 2014

What is Stem Cell Research?

As the advancement happens in technology, new inventions have been taking place for the betterment of the mankind. And one of the useful inventions is cord tissue banking. It is a life-guard. Yes, whether you are aware about its benefits or not, but it radically treats patients from the critical bodily disorders like Cancer, Lukemenia, Diabetes and others. In the USA, more numbers of people are aware about the cord tissue banking and they have  joined the modern and moderate invention for the future-health of their cute babies and they are leading a happy and peaceful life.


However, there are countries where still the inhabitants are not aware about what is stem cell research. The stem cell research has helped the health-providers to cure more than eighty serious diseases using the stem cells of the patients. The researchers had done thorough analysis and came out with the finding that the medical wastage can be used as the life saving source. The stem cells are the younger cells that can form anything in the body. That is why they are essential in treating the dead or damaged cells in the body. While going through what is stem cell research, the team has found the incredible life solutions for the next generations.  

After the successful results of the umbilical cord blood, the health-providers have come with an idea of storing the precious cells in a safe and secure place. This gave birth of cord blood banking. But, if you do not know what is cord blood banking, you can do an online research and come to know about CariCord in detail as what is cord blood banking. There are public and private cord banks that provide different storage facilities. However, there are still quality cord banks that strictly follow the rules and regulations set by the FDA and the American Associations of Blood Banks (AABB).

Friday, 26 September 2014

Cord Blood Gift – Future Health Solution

Have you entered into motherhood? Really, great! CariCord offers a wonderful cord blood gift to the pregnant women.  The umbilical cord blood protects the future health of all the family members. It is like a magic wand for the newborn baby because it is a rich source of stem cells. These stem cells can rejuvenate patients’ lives from the critical illness. CariCord provides this wonderful cord blood gift to the parents at affordable prices. It is a leading private umbilical cord blood bank in the world that follows the benchmark policy suggested by the FDA. The highly knowledgeable technicians preserve your baby’s placenta blood in the quality and hygienic rooms so that the cord tissue remains in its natural condition.


The private cord blood bank takes utmost care while collecting the blood from the umbilical cord. The trained representative performs the collection processes in such a way that does not harm the newborn baby and the mother. And within just 20-25 minutes, the collection process gets over. That is why most of the parents and the families prefer the private cord blood bank in preserving their baby’s placenta blood or the cord tissue. Also, it is once in a lifetime opportunity. You need to research a lot about the banks. The authorized banks have been accredited by the American Association of Blood Bank. So, before you register for the cord tissue banking, verify whether the bank is accredited and authorized by the FDA. Storing your baby’s natural stem cells in the certified bank is very important. After all, it is a priceless gift!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Benefits of Cord Tissue Banking

In the world of technology, many par excellent innovations helped the mankind lead happy & healthy life. The umbilical cord blood is one of the inventions in the medical field that gives life back to the patients. With the help of the placenta blood, the doctors and the physicians are able to treat dangerous and life-threatening diseases. As per the researchers, over 80 serious diseases can be cured successfully like Cancers, Bone Marrow Disorders, Blood Disorders, Diabetes and others. The umbilical cord tissue contains rich and vital stem cells. These stem cells have the efficiency of repairing the damaged cells of the human body. Also, these cells can revitalize a patient’s life from the critical illness. Because of the latest equipments and technology, the researchers are able to preserve the natural cells for years with a view to using them whenever required.

The quality cord tissue banking is a Renaissance for the whole of the humanity. The private banks
provide marvelous quality storage and extra-ordinary processes for preserving your baby’s cord blood for future health. But, why more and more parents are getting registered with any of the banks? There are many reasons for it. The placenta blood therapy can generate new cells and it repairs the decayed cells. The stem cells provide protection to the newborn baby and the family members for nearly 20 years. The cord blood can heal the Immune Deficiency Diseases, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Sickle Cell Anemia and other deadly diseases. It is one of the prestigious gifts to the children as it gives peace-of-mind and worry-free living.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Don’t you still know what is cord blood?

This is the perfect world where all are living happily! Not getting what does it mean? If you stress a little and try to recollect memories about past lives, you would come to know that before some years, there weren’t such facilities available for the mankind and had to suffer a lifelong disease. The people were not aware about what is cord blood! What is its usage? So, fortunately, we all are living in the most modern world where the majority of human beings know cord blood.  The great team of researchers has made it possible to save a person’s life through the cord therapies.


Thanks a million! That today, the next generation won’t suffer as much as their forefathers used to because of the serious illness. The modern technology and equipments have made it possible to know what is cord tissue. However, a very less number of people won’t be aware how this latest therapy works and what are the benefits of storing the umbilical cord of a new born baby. Truly speaking, the internet has changed the way of living. It provides even the most trivial information at your fingertips. So how could it be possible that the people do not know about what is cord tissue. The cord tissue rejuvenates one’s life. 

The more and more people are registering at the banking for preserving the cord of their lovely babies. And the cost of cord blood banking is not much that one cannot afford it. There are many FDA authorized centers that provide quality preservation facility and their cost of cord blood banking would be a little higher. However, they provide the facility of collection-kit. It is a boon of modern innovation that it is now possible to store the medical waste as a great live-energy force. Accept the new change in life and secure your baby’s future health!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Best Cord Blood Bank in the USA

Many parents are worried about the future health of their little ones. They want the trusted medical treatment or an alternative that gives them peace-of-mind. This suggests that they might not know about the umbilical cord tissue. It is one of the powerful resources that can help greatly in treating a patient or a family member. As per the medical findings,  the umbilical cord tissue has vital stem cells. These stem cells are the natural sources of generating more cells. Also, these cells restore the broken stem cells. Now-a-days, the cord blood has been used as a therapy for pediatric and adult patients.

The stem cell research has shown positive results in treating many critical diseases such as bone
marrow failure, diabetes, cancer, blood disorders and others. The researchers fathomed about the usages of the cord tissue for years. The stem cell research helps regrow liver cells, bone cells, skin cells and more. Also, it reveals the treatments for all the regenerative medicine. For the last two decades, the physicians and the health-providers had come to know about its positive usage,  and they suggest the parents for preservation.

There are many best cord blood banks that offer quality storage facilities for a lifetime.  And they take reasonable charges for storing your newborn baby’s stem cells. So, if you want to preserve your newborn baby’s stem cells, the FDA approved banks are the best cord blood bank because they are the licensed banks by the American Association of Blood Banks and they follow the standards. Once you register with any of the authorized banks, they provide you a collection-kit for storing the umbilical cord blood or at the time of delivery, one of the representatives comes and collects the placenta blood after the birth of your baby within 20 minutes. And more importantly, the process does not harm a mother and a baby. So, secure your cute baby’s future health by storing the precious stem cells in a reputed stem cell banking company.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Are you aware about the Cord Tissue Banking Benefits?

The 21st century had shown many innovations that have redefined the human living standards. The cord blood is one of them. In earlier days, the society had no knowledge about the usage of the placenta blood and they used to consider it as the medical wastage. But, because of the scientific innovation of it, today, the whole of the humanity comes to know about the power of cord blood and all have started to preserve the newborn baby’s stem cells in the public or private banks.

The researchers have done lots of experiments and finally they said that the umbilical cord blood can treat more than 80 critical diseases. So, it is necessary to preserve them in any of the banks. There are many cord tissue banking benefits. One of them is it recovers life against Cancer, Bone Marrow Failure, Diabetes and other deadly diseases. The public and the private banks are making the people aware about the cord tissue banking benefits. They spread awareness. If the parents preserve the baby’s cord tissue in the authorized bank, they will be able to secure their family’s future-health. Yes, the umbilical cord tissue can repair the damaged cells in the human body and rejuvenate patient’s life. 

Depending on the facilities, the banks have different cord blood pricing. The public bank has no cord blood pricing as it accepts the cord tissue from the donors. The private banks preserve the stem cells for nearly 20 long years and protect your family from health issues. The cord tissues are the richest source of stem cells that has the power to generate new cells as per the necessity like blood cells, bone cells, etc. The authorized private banks have been accredited by the FDA and these banks follow the quality parameters set by the AABB. The placenta blood is a safeguard of the family and it secures baby’s future health.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Umbilical Cord Blood Can Revive Life

At present, the umbilical cord blood is the talk of the town. All over the world, there are many cord blood banking companies that offer world-class storage facilities for preserving the newborn baby’s placenta blood. It is all because of the researchers who invested precious years in the investigation and they found the positive usage of the umbilical cord blood. Many years ago, there was no knowledge about the cord tissue and it was regarded useless. The health-practitioners used to throw it into the garbage. Thanks to the investigation team! Now, many patients can be saved from the dangerous diseases like Bone Marrow Failure, Blood Disorders, Cancers, Diabetes and others. 

As per the latest report of the benefits of stem cell research, it is said that the stem cells work as the vital medicine for saving lives against 80 critical diseases. And this could be done by saving your cute baby’s placenta blood at the time of its birth. But, you need a registration with any of the cord blood banks for preserving the stem cells. Before you go to the hospital for delivery, you need to inform the bank representatives so that a collecting person can come and collect the cord tissue. 

After knowing the benefits of stem cell research many parents are securing their baby's future health by storing the precious and natural stem cells in the certified stem cell banks. The banks have been authorized by the FDA and the American Association of Blood Banks. So, before you register at any of the cord tissue banks, verify whether the bank is accredited by the FDA or not. Depending on the services, the private banks might have different prices for storing the cord blood for nearly 20 years. Really, this medical innovation has given hope to millions and they can revitalize their lives from the pain.

Monday, 15 September 2014

What is the Umbilical Cord Blood?

The days have gone when it was not possible to treat the deadly diseases. The team of researchers had worked hard and shown incredible stem cell research. The finding says that with the help of cord tissue, the doctors are now able to cure more than 80 serious diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Bone Marrow and others. The incredible stem cell research has gifted the expectant parents the future-health of their newborn babies. Really, it is a matter of pride and joy for the humanity that it is now possible to save a patient through his/her own stem cells because few years ago these cells were regarded as the medical wastage.

The specially trained technician collects the umbilical cord blood and preserves it under the best
temperature so that it can be used for around 15 years. Just after the birth of an infant, the collection process of the umbilical cord blood hardly takes 15-20 minutes and it is absolutely painless for the mother and a newborn baby. But, you must register to the cord blood banking for storing the natural resource of life of your baby.

Today, many cord blood banks are offering excellent storage facilities because of unbelievable cord tissue benefits. The very first benefit of the cord blood is it saves your child’s health. Also, through it many illnesses can be treated and the patient’s life can be saved. Without any doubt, the cord tissue benefits are tremendous and incomparable to any of the drugs or medicine in treating critical bodily problems. The FDA has given approval to many private cord blood banks. These banks provide quality storage rooms for preserving this natural source in its original form. Live peacefully being a proud member of the cord bank and secure your family’s future- health with a wise investment. Special gift for the special ones!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Stem Cell Banking – A Way of Securing Family Health

If you are thinking for a healthy and secured life for your child, it is the right time to consult the reputed stem cell banking company. But, this process can only be done at the time of delivery of your baby. So, if you are with child, do not wait for a single second. You can take authentic information about the reputed stem cell banking company from your physician or the gynecologist. As soon as the umbilical cord is cut, the left blood in the cord is taken safely for preservation is called the umbilical cord blood. The quality banks have been approved by the FDA, so they provide ultra-modern services for long-term storage of your baby’s cord tissue.

The natural cord blood is one of the precious gifts any parents give to their children. And the reason
is, it has the abundance potentiality to heal more than 80 diseases. With the help of the natural cord blood, a patient or a sibling can be saved from Cancer, Bone Marrow Failure, Blood Disorders, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and immunodeficiency and more. Seeing the positive usage of the stem cells, many parents are getting registered with the accredited banks for securing their family health.

As per the latest updates, the researchers are optimistic about the cord tissue benefits. They say that the future of the umbilical cord therapy is brighter. In America, over 1.1 million people are living with HIV and there are other critical diseases that do not have any vaccination. Therefore, the researchers are investigating deeply and trying to find out more cord tissue benefits so that many lives can be saved through the placenta blood. So, it is better to store your newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood in the supreme stem cell bank for the sake of peace-of-mind. Simply, it is more powerful than the insurance for your family’s future health!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Family Cord Blood – a New Medical Therapy

Entering into parenthood gives immense joy to a mother and a father. Each and every parent properly cares their children. The umbilical cord stem cells keep families healthy. Yes, it is true and it’s proven by the great researchers. They had spent many years in the research of the umbilical cord stem cells and fortunate favored them with affirmative results. For nearly 20 years, people are aware about the usage of the stem cells. In earlier days, the health-providers were unaware of the usage of the placenta blood and they didn’t use to preserve it in safe places or the storage rooms.


But thanks to technology and the intelligent team of researchers! Now, there are many cord tissue banking available for preserving the newborn baby’s stem cells. Whether you belong to the USA, UK or any other countries, you can proudly store your baby’s placenta blood into a nearby cord tissue banking and secure your baby’s future health. The private banks have been authorized by the FDA and also they are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. It is a responsible and the wisest step in your life to save the natural source of healing any of the illnesses.

The recent survey of family cord blood shows that the umbilical cord blood can treat more than 80 life threatening diseases at present and the researchers are still involved in further studies about it. And they are positive that with the help of family cord blood, they will be able to cure many illnesses and can save patients’ lives. The cord tissue is a reservoir of natural cells. It can generate more cells and also it can repair the damaged cells. This is the reason, the team is very positive about treating Cancer, Bone marrow failure, Blood disorders, Diabetes and other critical diseases. Just a simple decision of storing placenta blood can secure the lives of family members!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Is It Safe to Preserve Cord Blood?

Change is the law of nature. This proverb perfectly matches with the latest innovations taken place in the medical field. The experts and the researchers had found the marvelous benefits of stem cells. And with the help of their findings, they said that the umbilical cord blood of a newborn baby is a rich source of natural cells and it can treat many diseases like leukemia, lymphoma, autoimmune, cancer, diabetes and blood disorders. Seeing the marvelous benefits of stem cells, the physicians and the researchers are very positive about saving lives of millions. With the perfect amalgamation of technology, the medical experts are able to give life back to the cancer patients.


25 years ago, many of the health-providers were not aware about the usage of the navel cord or the umbilical cord blood. But, thanks to the researchers and the experts who had discovered the positive usage of the cord tissue. This is one of the notable innovations. The umbilical cord blood secures the health of the family members. And with the proper storage facility, the cord tissue can be maintained in its natural condition for 15 years. 

The private cord blood banks take charges for preserving the placenta blood. Depending on the facilities, the cord blood pricing varies. The FDA approved umbilical cord banking companies have higher cord blood pricing in comparison to the other cord tissue banks because they strictly follow the standard guidelines and they provide hygienic and quality storage rooms. As soon as the expecting parents register with the authorized banks, they do inform them about the usage of the umbilical cord blood. Moreover, the cord tissue can treat the siblings from the dangerous diseases. So, it is one of the best ways of securing family health in advance. That is why it is said that prevention is always better than cure.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Secure your baby’s future with family cord banking

Over the period of 20 years, there is a big talk about ‘what is cord tissue’. The scientists have done great research understanding human body and have come to know about wonderful findings. Through their efforts, they discovered what is cord tissue and let the world know that the importance of preserving it. It renews damaged stem cells and give life to a patient from sever disease like Diabetes. This is a revolution for both science and technology. If it is stored in a highly qualified stem cell laboratory, a patient can be cured through his/her own cord.

Cord Tisue

This new unearthing will help the humans in many ways that is why valuable cord blood banking is essential in protecting new generations. At the time of new born baby, parents can gift their child this valuable cord blood banking and save the child’s health. By being a life-time member, one only requires to invest a little against his/her whole long-life wellness.

Delicate baby cord blood works amazingly in the time of emergency. It has capacity to recover your siblings from a heritage medical problem. Delicate baby cord blood is a boon to the modern human that today they have come to know about it. Otherwise, few years back, people or the doctors didn’t aware about it and put it in a garbage can as wastage. Really, thanks to the lab technicians, researchers and expert doctors! Now, we can say that the health is secured and can be maintained using cord or stem cell therapies. Today, people are getting acquainted with this new innovation and joining the revolution of saving their beautiful babies future health. And yes, it is not a tricky process. While consulting your gynecologist, you can show your willingness and the doctor will help you be the proud member of stem cell banking.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Stem Cell Banking – A Family Friend for Health

Whether you believe it or not, but it is a proven fact that the authorized stem cell banking can be your family friend for saving life of any of the family members. The team of the researchers worked hard in finding out the positive usage of umbilical cord blood. And today, they have shown it to the world. Now, the authorized stem cell banking will be the life-saver to millions of families provided they ought to be the lifetime members of a particular bank in their respective cities or the states. The umbilical cord blood bank provides excellent storage facility for the cord blood.

Cord Tissue Banking BenefitsSeeing major cord tissue banking benefits, thousands of expecting parents are joining the new age movement against the deadly diseases and they armed themselves with the protection. Also, the process of collecting the stem cell blood is very easy and painless. It does not harm the newborn baby and the mother. No one can believe that just within the 15 minute process, they give the most prized gift to their babies. And one of the major cord tissue banking benefits is it secures life against 80 critical illnesses such as Diabetes, Cancer, Blood disorders, Bone Marrow disorders and many others.

Before the researchers’ have come out with the amazing fact and possibility of life protection, the natural cord blood was regarded as the wastage and was thrown out in a dust-bin. Now, the FDA has also accredited many private banks for preserving the natural cord blood of a newborn baby. The private banks provide quality storage facilities as per the norms of the American Association of Blood Bank and the FDA. Also, they keep your data confidential and during the time of urgency, they deliver the stem cell to you in a timely manner. So, before gifting anything else to your baby, secure his/her health with the umbilical cord blood banking.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Umbilical cord tissue can cure serious disease

FDA approved umbilical cord blood banks provide perfect storage of your baby’s cord blood. For collecting the precious blood, our technician use gravity gas bag system so that the cells do not get damaged and remain in their natural state. Most of the FDA approved umbilical cord blood banks use two methods of collections. Both the ways are safer and they neither give pain to the mother nor harm to a newborn baby. It is up to the parents. They can prefer whichever method they like.

After hearing about unbelievable benefits of stem cell research, more and more family are getting registered for it. And it is a positive sign for medical industry. Whichever disease couldn’t be treated earlier now has been curable with the help of cord tissue therapies and the patients are feeling great joy of regaining life. Even the researchers are very excited about these unbelievable benefits of stem cell research. It is now possible to cure more than 80 severe diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, autoimmune diseases and more.

Why you should preserve irreplaceable umbilical cord tissue to genuine family banking is because it is very responsible task to collect the cord from your doctor and to send the collection kit to the authorized centers. After knowing the importance of irreplaceable umbilical cord tissue, they are stored less than 196 degree Celsius temperature at a laboratory. So before consulting to any of the persons, spend time on research and you would get authorized stem cell collection centers. Little investment of yours gives you high return of your child’s health. What is more than a kid’s health & happiness for responsible parents? A smiling face of your kid makes your day brilliant & bright! That is why, without spending more time on any other matter, contact the gynecologist & get the right information about cord tissue banking.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

How cord blood helps in treating a disease?

The technology has helped the researchers in discovering the true cord blood benefits. This new discovery has ignited a hope in the hearts of the medical practitioners and the patients too. As the team of the researchers came to know about the true cord blood advantages, they became optimistic for saving lives of patients who suffer from the critical diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Blood disorders and others. These stem cells have the power to generate new cells and renew the damaged cells in the human body. This is the main reason why the parents getting registered with the cord blood banking companies. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 800,000 Americans are suffering from strokes. And as per the latest updates, the cord tissue can be used in treating the stroke recovery and thousands of patients’ lives can be saved through the cord tissue therapy. In the United States of America, there are many public cord blood banks that provide the umbilical cord blood to the needy patients and save their precious lives.

Also, there are private banks that store the baby cord blood for 15 years. They take charge depending on the services and the facilities you opt. Preserving the baby cord blood is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If an expecting parent wants to store their baby’s stem cells to a recognized bank, they can consult the respective health-providers or the bank representatives for more guidance and the fees. Once you become a proud member of the bank, you need to inform them about the delivery date so that one of the representatives comes to collect the precious umbilical cord blood of your newborn baby. The representative has a special collection kit for storing the cells safely. This is a painless process and it neither affects the mother nor the baby. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Renew life of your children through Umbilical cord tissue

Can anyone know when his/her child falls sick? Of course not! And it is unfortunate for the parents to see their naughty children suffering from any disease. No one can prevent the illness. But, the modern science has discovered vital baby cord blood therapy to cure the serious illness. Yes, it rejuvenates the patients from the deadly sickness and the researchers claim that the vital baby's cord blood saves life from the 80 most dangerous diseases like blood disorders, Osteoporosis, Cancers and others.

As the new medical invention came into existence, public and private cord blood banking emerged to treat the future health of the children. The difference between the public and private cord blood banking is dramatically too much. The public bank does not charge for storing the stem cell. However, it provides the cells to any of the needy persons. In contrast to that, the private bank charges heavily to secure the delicate and natural source of life energy and they deliver the cord blood to the owner of it whenever the person requires it. They preserve the cells in nitrogen vapor storage rooms under recommended temperature. 

Now, people are getting acquainted about the usage of the umbilical cord tissue and they are registering with the private banks though they are charging the fees. The expert team of doctors and researchers are still doing thorough investigation and they are sure that the umbilical cord tissue will be more beneficial in healing most of the diseases in the near future. This is a medical revolution and now the medical representatives are hoping that they can see more disease-free human beings. They also accept that it is the costly treatment, but when it is a question of someone’s life and death, people do not think about charges. Really, the medical researchers have worked hard and given the best possible option of reviving life back. Happily preserve your baby’s stem cell and live with pride!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Which is the best cord blood banking company?

Since the initiation of the modern cord tissue banking, the expecting parents are registering with the banks and gifting the priceless gifts to their babies. It is a chance for one time only. If you are aware about the benefits of the modern cord tissue banking, you would definitely secure the precious placenta blood to any of your favorite banks in your city or in your state. The banks take utmost care of the preserved umbilical cord blood. They store the stem cells in neat and clean, specially designed rooms. 

The modern technology has proven its efficiency by providing one of the wonderful medical facilities. It is once in a lifetime opportunity to decide to store your newborn baby’s cord blood or not. The baby’s cord blood is full of vital cells that can produce more cells and can also repair the damaged cells. It is a safeguard for the family health as it is a rich source of Hematopoietic stem cell that regenerate new cells whenever required. 

As the demand of the best cord blood banking company is growing, more and more banks have been opening in the world. However, there are norms that help you know which is the best cord blood banking company. You can trust a bank that is recognized and authorized by the FDA and has received the accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Also, there are public and private cord blood banks. Depending on your requirement, you can store your baby’s umbilical cord blood to public or private bank.

Monday, 1 September 2014

How can cord blood help in treating a patient?

As time passes, the researchers come out with new discoveries and inventions with a view to helping the human beings. The absolute stem cell research shows fruitful findings in the medical field and it says that the umbilical cord blood can restructure the damaged cells in the human body and can rejuvenate life. It is really a matter of pride that today; the health-providers are able to cope up with the major 80 serious diseases because of the absolute stem cell research ,such as Blood disorders, Cancers, Diabetes, Bone marrow failure and others. After investing infinite time, the team of researchers says that umbilical cord blood therapy has come as a hope for the whole mankind and it can treat more diseases in near future.

In previous years, the placenta or the umbilical cord blood was regarded as useless and the medical wastage. However, the dedicated hours of medical study have clearly declared that if the umbilical cord blood is preserved in its natural form it can cure more than 80 critical illnesses. This has given the birth of cord banking. In the United States of America, the parents store the stem cells into the cord banks and become worry-free from the family-health.

However, still people are not aware about the medical innovation. They even do not know why to save baby’s cord blood. But, as soon as they consult the physicians or the gynecologists, the expectant parents would register their membership in any of the FDA approved cord banking. And these cord banks provide free of charge consultation and explain about its benefits of storing and saving the child’s future-health.  Once the parents come to know about the benefits of it, they don’t again ask why to save baby’s cord blood in a bank. The cells are the natural source of life and they create new cells in the body and also repair the damaged cells and give life back to a patient.
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