Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Baby Cord Blood can save your Baby’s Life

The latest research in the Stem Cell Transplant shows many advantages of good cord blood banking. Stem cells have potential of treating many diseases and they can cure patients from Cancers, Diabetes, Blood Disorders and other critical illnesses. After this update, the educated parents have started preserving their little babies’ umbilical cord blood at good cord blood banking with amazing responses. “I gave my daughter and grandson the gift of cord blood banking. It could be far more valuable someday than a stroller if he ever needs it” - A CariCord Grandpa – Houston, TX. This is one of the best gifts any parent can give to his/her children. 

The specially trained lab technicians take utmost care of precious baby’s cord blood. They store
precious baby’s cord blood in clean rooms after quality processing. By storing the cord tissue, parents secure future health of family members and in any critical condition; you can surely make use of it for treating any of dangerous disease. The researchers and expert team of doctors have found this new method of treating deadly diseases. There are many patients who have recovered from the disease just by using umbilical cord blood therapy.

If you want to protect your children’s future health, you need to preserve cord tissues by paying cord blood banking prices. The private banks store these stem cells as per the regulations of the FDA and they take cord blood banking prices depending on services or plans you avail. The public cord blood bank accepts umbilical cord blood from the donors. Just a little investment for your children and you feel restful about his/her future health. It is really a wonderful invention by the researchers for the fellow beings. Be a proud parent by storing stem cells at accredited cord blood banks and lead a happy life.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Are you looking for authentic Family Cord Blood Services?

Stem cell banking’ has become a widely known term in the USA. For the last three decades, people have become familiar with stem cell banking. It has become reality because of modern technology and hard-work of researchers. A team of researchers profoundly studied about cord blood and they came up with constructive results. In this manner, the whole of the mankind was gifted with cord blood banks. Seeing the demand of it, there are both public and private banks. The public bank accepts donations. While the private bank preserves baby’s stem cells in safe and secure storage rooms with reasonable charges.

The researchers have found many benefits of stem cell research. Seeing many benefits of stem cell
research, they are hopeful for treating more diseases through umbilical cord blood. As per the latest information, it is said that the cord blood can treat 80 diseases. These diseases are very critical like Cancers, Diabetes, blood disorders and the others. Cord blood is a natural gift which has high potentiality of creating new stem cells and it can also repair the damaged cells in a human body. As soon as the parents came to know about it, they started registering with the authorized umbilical cord blood banks.

CariCord is a private cord blood bank which offers the best family cord blood services at reasonable prices. It ships a collection-kit to your home so that you can directly take the kit with you and collect the natural cord tissue of your baby. Once the collection process is over, the representative comes to collect the kit and handle it for the lab processing. Being the best family cord blood services company, we assure the quality process of your baby’s stem cells. And more importantly, we are an accredited and FDA authorized private cord blood bank in the USA. So, secure your baby’s future health with recognized cord tissue bank!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cord Blood is a Modern Day Therapy

Umbilical Cord blood is life. Its charismatic power can save lives of patients from the most dangerous diseases. Due to its characteristics, many parents and expecting parents have become lifetime members of CariCord, a private cord blood bank and they provided secure and safe future for their new generations. Umbilical Cord blood is full of stem cells that can give birth to new cells in the human body. It can also repair the decayed cells and can rejuvenate them after the proper transplantation. The researchers had given years to find life emerging potentiality in the birth cord. At CariCord, the lab technicians provide quality process for preserving the cord blood.


The experienced technicians and the physicians have expertise of transplanting the stem cells in the patient’s body and regenerate new cells. The natural cord tissue must be collected at the time of delivery and then it is safely placed in a collection-kit so that it remains innate. The process of collecting this natural cord tissue hardly takes 20-25 minutes. Also, it is a painless procedure for both the child and the mother. Today, many private banks offer excellent storage facilities at affordable rates. 

However, always ensure to preserve your baby’s stem cells in an accredited cord blood bank. You can find variations in cord blood pricing. The FDA approved banks have higher cord blood pricing in comparison to the unauthorized banks. Therefore, before registering your memberships with any of the banks, verify if the cord blood bank company follows the FDA standards. It is once in a lifetime opportunity. So, consult your gynecologists or the health-providers and seek proper guidance from them. After all, it is a question of your children’s future health. If you get quality processing and lifetime storage of baby’s cord blood by investing a little more what could be better then it! The trusted & premier private bank understands that a baby’s life is more important than anything else.

Monday, 6 October 2014

What is Cord Blood?

Everybody lives life in their own accord. However, the smart people utilize latest innovations, technology and tools to make life more meaningful. The intelligent parents have started getting benefits of family cord blood services. They have secured their children’s future-health by investing a little in the family cord blood services. They are fully aware about the hidden potential of the umbilical cord blood and how can it work in the time of medical emergency. The internet has helped them know about every minute detail about the placenta blood. It has the power to save life against the 80 critical diseases such as Bone Marrow Failure, Blood Disorders, Cancer, Diabetes and others.


In contrast to that, there are people, the future parents, who are still not aware about what is cord blood. But, thanks to the researchers and the medical scientists who had investigated a lot and found the affirmative usage of the cord tissue and today, 60% of the world population is familiar with what is cord blood. The researchers had invested years in a thorough research and they completely succeeded. Still the research is going on; they are positive about the placenta blood and hope that they will be able to cure more diseases in the near future.  

In the USA, there are many world-class cord blood banking companies that offer full storage services in a reasonably priced manner. These banks adhere to the policies rolled out by the American Association of Blood Banks. The cord blood banking meets the standards and offer quality storage facilities for a long-life. The private cord blood banks receive the accreditation from the FDA and they follow the benchmark so that they can maintain the cord blood in its natural condition. The banks keep parents’ data confidential due to security purposes and whenever the parents need the preserved cord tissue, they provide to them in a timely manner.
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