Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cord Blood is a Modern Day Therapy

Umbilical Cord blood is life. Its charismatic power can save lives of patients from the most dangerous diseases. Due to its characteristics, many parents and expecting parents have become lifetime members of CariCord, a private cord blood bank and they provided secure and safe future for their new generations. Umbilical Cord blood is full of stem cells that can give birth to new cells in the human body. It can also repair the decayed cells and can rejuvenate them after the proper transplantation. The researchers had given years to find life emerging potentiality in the birth cord. At CariCord, the lab technicians provide quality process for preserving the cord blood.

The experienced technicians and the physicians have expertise of transplanting the stem cells in the patient’s body and regenerate new cells. The natural cord tissue must be collected at the time of delivery and then it is safely placed in a collection-kit so that it remains innate. The process of collecting this natural cord tissue hardly takes 20-25 minutes. Also, it is a painless procedure for both the child and the mother. Today, many private banks offer excellent storage facilities at affordable rates. 

However, always ensure to preserve your baby’s stem cells in an accredited cord blood bank. You can find variations in cord blood pricing. The FDA approved banks have higher cord blood pricing in comparison to the unauthorized banks. Therefore, before registering your memberships with any of the banks, verify if the cord blood bank company follows the FDA standards. It is once in a lifetime opportunity. So, consult your gynecologists or the health-providers and seek proper guidance from them. After all, it is a question of your children’s future health. If you get quality processing and lifetime storage of baby’s cord blood by investing a little more what could be better then it! The trusted & premier private bank understands that a baby’s life is more important than anything else.

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