Friday, 2 January 2015

3 Tips to Help You Choose Family Cord Blood Bank

Cord blood banking has been gaining immense popularity these days. This new trend in the medical community that promises lifetime health protection of a child has caught the attention of most expectant parents.  Umbilical cord blood and tissue collected after the child birth contains stem cells which has the incredible potential to treat several diseases. With more and more people realising the remarkable benefits of stem cell research and treatments, the number of parents opting for cord blood banking are increasing. 

So, if you have decided to bank the cord blood, here are some tips to help you out. Go ahead and take a look at the following points to get a better insight. 
  1. Do your research: Spend enough time to do some research regarding the importance of storingcord blood (CB) and umbilical cord tissue. You can’t rush to a decision when it is about banking the CB. So start planning ahead of time. Talk with your family and friends. Moreover, decide whether to choose the public or private banking option. If you wish to donate the cord blood, go for the public banking service; choose a private family cord banking facility to store the CB for your own future purpose.
  2. Review the options: List out the names of private or public cord banks in and around your locality. The next step is to do a background check so that you can find more information regarding their reputation and service quality. Does the bank function in compliance with the FDA or AABB rules and regulations? Is the bank accredited? Always make it a point to check whether they follow stringent quality assurance techniques when processing and storing umbilical cord tissue and blood.
  3. Questions: Have a discussion with the medical team of the bank that offers family cord banking. Enquire about their CB collection and processing methods. Is the bank equipped with latest technologies to store the cord blood and tissue? Have they facilitated any successful transplants? Find as much information as possible.
Above all, talk with your physician for availing recommendations. Not only will they make you understand about the undeniable benefits of stem cell research, but also guide you in taking an informed decision.


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