Thursday, 30 July 2015

Addressing the Misconceptions about Cord Blood Banking

Have you heard about the stem cell research? If yes, then you might be familiar with its remarkable benefits and recent developments. Discovery of stem cell presence in the umbilical cord blood was a major milestone in the field of stem cell research. In the past, umbilical cord and placenta were discarded right after the child birth, as it was considered as medical waste. But things have changed now. Have you been wondering why save your baby’s cord blood? Stem cells present in the new-born’s cord blood have remarkable potential to treat numerous life-threatening diseases. Currently, cord blood stem cells are used in therapy regimens for the treatment of cancer, sickle-cell anaemia, genetic diseases, marrow failure and more. Moreover, several trials and research works are underway exploring the promising applications of umbilical cord blood

Even though cord blood (CB) is a potentially lifesaving resource, majority of the expectant parents chose to throw it away postpartum. Umbilical cord blood banking and donation is a relatively new concept that is surrounded by several set of misconceptions. This can be considered as one of the reasons that result in the disposal of umbilical cord and placenta.  However, if the expectant parents are knowledgeable about the benefits of saving their baby’s cord blood, then they might think about banking or donating the CB. Parents who find it hard to afford the private cord blood banking prices may consider donating CB to a public bank. Your baby’s cord blood may serve as a life-saving option for a cancer patient.

Some parents question about the safety of cord blood collection. However, the truth is that cord blood collection is a painless, safe and quick procedure that neither hurts the mother nor the baby. When you sign up for private banking or public donation, a collection kit will be provided. Blood is drawn to this sterile collection bag and sent to the laboratory for cryogenic preservation.  No matter whether you plan to donate or bank your baby’s cord blood, make it a point to collect as much information as possible and have an in-depth understanding regarding the same.

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