Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Important Points for Collection of Cord Blood

Have you decided to save your baby's blood cord? Do you know how it is going to be done? Most of the expecting parents have some queries when they are deciding for cord blood banking. So let’s have a look at the points below:

Cord blood is the blood that is derived from the umbilical cord to which the baby is attached at the time of birth. This blood is a rich source of stem cells that help to create more cells, tissues and organs and are capable of adjusting in the human body and create new cells.

How is the collection of cord blood done?

The people from the bank you have contacted can collect the cord blood after the baby is delivered and the umbilical cord is cut. Then the upper part of the umbilical cord is cleaned and a vein is punctured. Then the blood is collected in a special bag that keeps it away from getting contaminated. This is how they collect the cord blood for the safety of your child in the future.

Will the new born or the mother be harmed with this process?

No, this of collecting the cord tissue will not harm the baby or the mother. Only after the baby is born and the umbilical cord is cut will they collect the cord tissues. The syringe they use to pull the blood does not even get close to your child, because only after your child has been detached from the umbilical cord they collect the blood. While your baby will be looked after in the hospital the representatives from the bank will collect the umbilical cord tissues in their bank and laboratory.

How much amount of blood will be required to collect the cord tissues?

The representatives that come for the cord blood banking will make sure to collect the maximum blood so that they can extract maximum stem cell. The more the stem cells are collected the more helpful will they be in transplant and increase the success ratio. The cord blood banking can be done for as many years as 15 years according to the researches. During this period there will be no harm caused to the stem cells collected. So you should go for this process.

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