Thursday, 29 May 2014

Why umbilical cord blood banking is important?

Holding your new born baby in your hands is most delightful feeling, this cute little baby becomes your world. You want to keep your baby away from all harm just like your parents did for you. But are you ready for the new health challenges that will be coming your way. There are so many health related problems that kids have are you ready to face them. Do you have the solutions for them? But there is one solution to most of the health related problems. It is the umbilical cord blood that is loaded with huge amount of stem cells. These stem cells were earlier found in bone marrow but after the invention of the umbilical cord blood stem cells, life of many people has changed.

These stem cells can be extracted only once and then the remains are discarded forever. So don’t miss the chance to save your baby’s umbilical cord blood.  For umbilical cord banking you will have to get connected to a bank that will extract the blood from the placenta and umbilical cord as soon as the baby is delivered because then after sometime the doctors discard the remaining blood. So when you come to know of your delivery time it is important to inform the bank, there are so many cases when the deliveries happen early in that case you need to inform the bank so that they can the process. 

The process of umbilical cord blood banking is very simple. After extracting the blood it is processed in a way so that it can be stored for years in the freezer at a fixed temperature so that the originality is not lost and is locked as it is stored in the freezer. These stem cells are stored using the highest technology and most updated resources. It is a good and wise thing to decide to the save umbilical cord blood.

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