Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What is the importance a baby umbilical cord?

A baby umbilical cord is the main source through which the child in the womb gets nutrients, food, blood, oxygen and water. All that is sent through the umbilical cord is directly linked to the baby. This is the one connection between the child and mother. During her pregnancy every woman eats very healthy food and make sure to take the necessary supplements so that they have a healthy baby, because all they eat directly affects their child. This baby umbilical cord blood has a rich source of stem cells, that can be extracted after the birth of the child. This process is safe and easy, it takes just a few minutes.

Many people ask that why save baby cord blood. It is very important to save the baby cord blood because it is like a life insurance that will safeguard your child in the future from any kind of health related problems. Research has proved that these stem cells help to cure cancer type diseases. These were earlier found only in bone marrow and were difficult to find a perfect match but with the invention of umbilical cord stem cells saving lives of such people has become very easy. If the match is not perfect, you don't need to worry as even a slight match can help in starting the treatment. With the ability to grow into new tissues and organs you can also get heart and kidney related diseases cured with stem cell. This is the answer to all those who asked why save baby cord blood.

There are special baby cord blood bank where you can store the stem cells for at least 15 years. While you are choosing the baby cord bank make sure to read all the term & conditions so there are no loop holes in the between. Don't miss to read even a single page of the agreement so that they don't bluff you later on. Also keep a copy of the same to prove your terms of agreement in case of any ambiguities in the future.

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