Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cord blood is a Life savior for many

Cord blood banking is a must decision that all parents must take while they are expecting parents. All expecting parents must talk to their doctor and take all details about cord blood banking. It is very beneficial for all parents to consider this. This not only saves your child’s life but it will also help to cure your family members if they are suffering from any deadly disease. You can use the stem cells to build new tissues, and organs and give the patient a new life. If you want you can also donate these stem cells so that someone else can use and get a new life. 

The umbilical cord blood is said to have the maximum amount of stem cells than found in bone marrow. These stems can be preserved for years and can be used at any time in the future to cure your child and other family members when there is an emergency. Cord blood being rich in stem cells was not known to people earlier or else many lives would have been saved. These cells are capable of molding themselves easily in any type of environment in the human body. Indirectly you can say these are the cells that made your baby. This cord blood is collected after the delivery of the baby and after the clamp of the umbilical cord is cut.

This blood is collected in special collection bottles. Then the stem cells are extracted and processed in a way that they can be stored for years without any harm caused to their naturalness and quality. This process is painless and does not harm the baby or the mother in any way. This entire process is done only after the birth of the child and after the clamp is cut if the umbilical cord. So you can be rest assured about the security of the baby and the mother.   In case the doctors find it a risk in any way or see some problems in the delivery, they will say No to the agents.  So you can save the cord tissues to create new ones for others.

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