Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cord Blood treats the Serious diseases

Cord BloodIt’s fortunate that the constant stem cell research has opened the doors of treating many critical diseases like Cancers, Blood disorders, Bone Marrow failure and others. Thanks to the research team members! The constant stem cell research is an innovation in the medical field because now it has become possible to treat a patient from his/her own stem cells and the health-providers can repair the damaged cells of the patient during the critical operation.

Some years ago, the umbilical cord or the placenta was regarded as the medical wastage and was thrown away in the garbage. But, at present, it is used as the natural cord blood for regenerating missing cells or repairing damaged cells in the human body. The natural cord blood is the richest source of stem cells that help in treating the patients. That is why the people have started storing the umbilical cord blood in the public and private cord blood banks by paying the fees.

During the recent research, the team has identified that the vital cord tissue has more cells that are the building blocks of bone. Depending upon the disease of a patient, the physicians use the vital cord tissue and rejuvenates his/her health. These cells help in repair skin problems. So, it is a par excellent medical finding that is going to beat the deadly diseases. In the USA, the expectant parents register with the accredited cord tissue banks and preserve their babies’ umbilical cord blood for the future-health of their families.

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