Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why should parents for cord blood banking?

Across US you will that there are many cord blood banks. When you are approaching these banks make sure they are registered and certified by the government. All the expecting parents must take this decision not for themselves but for their kids. You can also opt for family cord banking. There are many banks that provide you with this facility. Here all the members of the family can save their stem cells and can be used for any member of the family when in need. When doctors or the banks contact the parents for cord blood banking the first thing they want o know is the benefits of cord blood banking. There are many benefits of it and people have seen miracles happening with this. 

The cord blood tissues are usually found in the umbilical cord that is attached between the baby and
the mother. This is the only source from where all the nutrients, water, etc. are passed to the baby; hence it is the richest source for cord blood tissues. Preserving this can help many people get new lives when they are suffering from life taking diseases. Some parents have the queries of the baby or mother being harmed in this process, but nothing of this will happen. As the cord blood is extracted after the baby is born and the clamp of the umbilical cord is cut. So to make sure you are giving the cord blood in right hands contact the best banks. 

Stem cell research is one of the reasons that people have been aware of its benefits. People now know that preserving it is not only good for their child and family but it will also help to save someone else life. Every time a stem cell research is done before it is stored. They first see the quality of it and the quantity. If this was done earlier we would have stem cells in abundance.

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