Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Do You Want to Preserve Umbilical Cord Tissue?

Is it really possible to secure any bodies life? In the past, we could just not even think about it, but with the introduction of umbilical cord therapy, we can now secure the lives of our children’s and loved ones. Modern stem cell banking helps in securing your children’s health against critical medical conditions, provided you store your baby’s naval cord blood at an authentic cord blood bank. CariCord is one of the leading modern stem cell banking companies that offers quality processes for preserving your baby’s precious cord tissues.

CariCord is one amongst the five private family cord blood banks that has got FDA (Food and Drug Administration) accreditation as well as AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) certification.  CariCord follows quality processes that are set forth by AABB. Though CariCord is a private family cord blood bank, it provides quality services at affordable rates. Once you submit   your child’s naval cord blood at CariCord, utmost care is taken for preserving this natural umbilical cord blood. CariCord is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies like transplanting stem cells into new cells and more.

While preserving the natural umbilical cord tissue for longer period of time, there are chances of it losing its originality. At CariCord, we preserve the natural umbilical cordblood in cryogenic condition at 196 degree centigrade so as to maintain its originality. The umbilical cord blood therapy helps in providing  full security  to your  children’s, siblings and the family members from against more than 80 life threatening  diseases like blood disorders, cancers, leukemia, lymphoma, diabetes, genetic and immunodeficiency diseases and many more. We at CariCord are pledged to provide our customers with round the clock assistance with quality services in order to secure the precious lives of your loved ones. CariCord is always available to assist you in making utmost use of the awesome gift by medical science; the umbilical cord therapy. Make your loved ones live a worry-free healthy life by securing your families’ cord tissues at CariCord.

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