Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why you need to save your baby's cord blood?

With the success in the research of placenta blood therapy, researchers have now achieved a big mile stone in medical science. Many among us still do not have a clear knowledge about what is cord blood. In simple lay man words, cord blood is the blood found in the umbilical cord. It is a sample of blood that is taken from a baby's naval cord after its birth. Once the child is born the obstetrician cuts the cord connecting the baby with its mother. The blood found in the umbilical cord or the placenta after separating the baby from its mother is known as cord blood. It is very important for any expecting parent to know what is cord blood before deciding to preserve their child’s s cord blood at any stem cell bank. Unlike other cord banks, we at provide our customers with the truthful information about the stem cells and cord tissue therapy.


For us, each and every expecting parent is of high importance. Not because they invest bucks at our umbilical cord blood banking laboratory, but because they have taken the right and significant decision of gifting the most precious gift to their children’s, we firmly believe that an investment in cord blood banking is a worthwhile step as it simply means to secure your little baby's future health against 80 deadly diseases including diabetes, bone marrow failure, blood disorders, cancers and many other. CariCord is one of its kind cord tissue banking laboratory that has 10,000 clean and well maintained hygienic rooms for preserving your baby's cord tissues for more than 15 years at quite reasonable rates.

Hopefully you would have now clearly understood the answer to the question, why save baby's cord blood? By storing the cord tissues, you are simply securing the health of all your family members. Stem cell therapy offers immense advantages which we never had before. We lost many of our loved one in the past years due to infections from deadly incurable diseases. But now with the success in umbilical therapy, we now have the facility of protecting our loved ones. Also, with the help of stem cells, we can now successfully replace the damaged cells with new cells, providing a lease of life to the patient’s. So, don't you think this therapy is very powerful and has the potential of securing your families health against any critical medical situation! Many expecting parents have understood its importance and have started registering themselves with FDA approved cord banks like CariCord, without having any doubts about why save baby's cord blood. The ball is now in your court. Your one decision with a small investment can secure the future health of your precious children’s and loved ones.

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