Friday, 21 March 2014

Baby cord blood banking the most important decision

Baby cord blood banking has become the latest talk of the town. Every expecting parents have been seen discussing this topic. Over the past few years it has become important to decide on cord blood banking. The blood in the baby's umbilical cord contains rich stem cells and help to work like a factory where fresh blood is manufacture wherever it has been transplanted. These stems have the ability to make new red blood cells and increase the platelets counts that help in curing from hazardous diseases, that the patients current blood cells cannot fight.

You can do the same by bone marrow transplantation. Even bone marrows have the stem cells, but sometimes there are hurdles that affect the curing process of the patient from the disease. Sometimes baby cord blood is ten times richer and higher quantity. If you opt for baby cord blood banking then you will never have to worry about a donor. It is a life savior in many difficult health conditions.
it gets difficult to find donors and the bone marrow will not have sufficient stem cells too. The stem cells found in the

The process of collecting the baby's cord blood is very easy. You need decide about baby cord blood banking when you are pregnant. You can contact banks after doing some research. When you decide  which bank will do this for you you have to register there so that at the time of delivery they are there to collect it.They might conduct a few tests for safety reasons. Collection of cord blood stem cells is not painful nor harmful to your child or you. This process is conducted after the delivery is done. This process will take not more than 10-15 minutes. The specialists collect the stem cells in special bags. And in case there are any complication at the last moment the doctor will choose not go ahead to keep you safe.

This process is chargeable and you have to a certain amount in regular intervals. This can be considered like an insurance amount as it will be helpful to you years alter when you don't know what to do when your child is going through some bad health conditions. There is nothing more important than the health of your child. You can also opt to donate the stem cells in the public bank after you are sure that your baby's health is perfectly fine. These bloods cells might help someone who is needy. A child is the best gift one can, enjoy your motherhood.

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