Friday, 21 March 2014

Basics to be understood for umbilical cord blood banking

Expecting parents have to take care of a lot of things when planning for umbilical cord blood banking. There will surely be a lot of concern regarding the cost and the logistics but this should not hinder your decision, but you should also think that what will be the benefits of deciding for umbilical cord blood banking. You need to also keep in mind that the bank you choose should be accredited by AABB. Any bank that is accredited with AABB means it has maintained a very high quality and standard in collecting, processing and preserving the stem cells.  

Check the reputation of the bank before you register with them. If you can try to get in touch with a few customers of that bank and learn about their experience. Do they follow all the norms when
collecting the umbilical cord blood stem cells? Check to see if there are nay complains registered against that bank for their quality and services and above all also find out if the staff they have is well qualified to understand the importance of these stem cells. Collecting is not enough. The process to store it for years is very important or the sample goes waste. 

Also have few questions answered and take them down in agreement form the bank so that they don’t fall back from their said words in times of need. Questions you need to have a clear picture on are:

Do they have a 24 hour service?

Do they have well qualified staff to maintain the stem cells?

Are they AABB accredited?

Do they contact the customers to inform them of any test performed on the umbilical cord blood stem cells?

Is umbilical cord blood banking safe this bank?

Do they transport the stem cells collected through a known medical courier?

Do they have a 24 hour contact number facility?

There are many such questions that you should jot down and take them in writing from bank as a confirmation so that you are satisfied in giving the stem cell to a trusted and reputed bank. 

Things cannot be predicted, if you have things in writing you always raise your voice and prove them wrong. There could also be a possibility that you are not around and not contactable so someone from your family is seriously ill and needs the cord blood then these paper can help them get it in time and can also save the life of your relative in time. just have everything ready for emergency in the family.

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