Friday, 21 March 2014

Benefits with Family Cord Blood Banking

All expecting parents across the globe have understood the importance of cord blood banking and are seriously working towards making this a success. They contact the stem cell banks and register so that when the time for delivery approaches they are all ready to store the stem cells. Many people are also opting for Family Cord Blood Banking where all the family members store their baby's stem cell. They make a family registration in which all the family stem cells are kept together and stored properly after it is processed.

In this process of family cord blood banking the family pays for the storage and processing of the entire family's cord blood. The family will be the sole owner of these stem cells which you can use
immediately when there is some emergency. It is one way of getting peace of mind that their baby's stem cells will be stored and can be used anytime in future for a family emergency. You can contact the bank anytime and they will provide you the stem cells when you need to treat a family member's incurable disease. It will help to build new blood cells and will help the patient to recover fast. In short it will work like a new life line that will give them new life and new hopes.

There are many banks dealing in family cord blood banking where they collect the stem cells of the new born of the same family and store it. This process may be a little expensive especially when done for a family package but it is better as you don't need to go to different banks every time you have a new born member in the family. This will not only keep your family form hassles but it will also help to you to get immediate help at any time you want. Some families donate their stem cells to public banks because they know that if their family's blood cells cannot be used then the public bank will provide them one. But if you this might not happen when you opt for family cord blood banking.

Before you take a decision on family cord blood banking it is good to take a look at your family's medical history and see what kind of emergency can occur. It will give you a clear idea on what step you need to take. If in the past stem cells of the same family has not been accepted in treatment, it is better to go for public donation so that you can acquire help from them when yo need it in an emergency.

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