Friday, 5 September 2014

Umbilical cord tissue can cure serious disease

FDA approved umbilical cord blood banks provide perfect storage of your baby’s cord blood. For collecting the precious blood, our technician use gravity gas bag system so that the cells do not get damaged and remain in their natural state. Most of the FDA approved umbilical cord blood banks use two methods of collections. Both the ways are safer and they neither give pain to the mother nor harm to a newborn baby. It is up to the parents. They can prefer whichever method they like.

After hearing about unbelievable benefits of stem cell research, more and more family are getting registered for it. And it is a positive sign for medical industry. Whichever disease couldn’t be treated earlier now has been curable with the help of cord tissue therapies and the patients are feeling great joy of regaining life. Even the researchers are very excited about these unbelievable benefits of stem cell research. It is now possible to cure more than 80 severe diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, autoimmune diseases and more.

Why you should preserve irreplaceable umbilical cord tissue to genuine family banking is because it is very responsible task to collect the cord from your doctor and to send the collection kit to the authorized centers. After knowing the importance of irreplaceable umbilical cord tissue, they are stored less than 196 degree Celsius temperature at a laboratory. So before consulting to any of the persons, spend time on research and you would get authorized stem cell collection centers. Little investment of yours gives you high return of your child’s health. What is more than a kid’s health & happiness for responsible parents? A smiling face of your kid makes your day brilliant & bright! That is why, without spending more time on any other matter, contact the gynecologist & get the right information about cord tissue banking.

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