Friday, 26 September 2014

Cord Blood Gift – Future Health Solution

Have you entered into motherhood? Really, great! CariCord offers a wonderful cord blood gift to the pregnant women.  The umbilical cord blood protects the future health of all the family members. It is like a magic wand for the newborn baby because it is a rich source of stem cells. These stem cells can rejuvenate patients’ lives from the critical illness. CariCord provides this wonderful cord blood gift to the parents at affordable prices. It is a leading private umbilical cord blood bank in the world that follows the benchmark policy suggested by the FDA. The highly knowledgeable technicians preserve your baby’s placenta blood in the quality and hygienic rooms so that the cord tissue remains in its natural condition.

The private cord blood bank takes utmost care while collecting the blood from the umbilical cord. The trained representative performs the collection processes in such a way that does not harm the newborn baby and the mother. And within just 20-25 minutes, the collection process gets over. That is why most of the parents and the families prefer the private cord blood bank in preserving their baby’s placenta blood or the cord tissue. Also, it is once in a lifetime opportunity. You need to research a lot about the banks. The authorized banks have been accredited by the American Association of Blood Bank. So, before you register for the cord tissue banking, verify whether the bank is accredited and authorized by the FDA. Storing your baby’s natural stem cells in the certified bank is very important. After all, it is a priceless gift!

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