Thursday, 11 September 2014

Family Cord Blood – a New Medical Therapy

Entering into parenthood gives immense joy to a mother and a father. Each and every parent properly cares their children. The umbilical cord stem cells keep families healthy. Yes, it is true and it’s proven by the great researchers. They had spent many years in the research of the umbilical cord stem cells and fortunate favored them with affirmative results. For nearly 20 years, people are aware about the usage of the stem cells. In earlier days, the health-providers were unaware of the usage of the placenta blood and they didn’t use to preserve it in safe places or the storage rooms.

But thanks to technology and the intelligent team of researchers! Now, there are many cord tissue banking available for preserving the newborn baby’s stem cells. Whether you belong to the USA, UK or any other countries, you can proudly store your baby’s placenta blood into a nearby cord tissue banking and secure your baby’s future health. The private banks have been authorized by the FDA and also they are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks. It is a responsible and the wisest step in your life to save the natural source of healing any of the illnesses.

The recent survey of family cord blood shows that the umbilical cord blood can treat more than 80 life threatening diseases at present and the researchers are still involved in further studies about it. And they are positive that with the help of family cord blood, they will be able to cure many illnesses and can save patients’ lives. The cord tissue is a reservoir of natural cells. It can generate more cells and also it can repair the damaged cells. This is the reason, the team is very positive about treating Cancer, Bone marrow failure, Blood disorders, Diabetes and other critical diseases. Just a simple decision of storing placenta blood can secure the lives of family members!

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