Monday, 8 September 2014

Stem Cell Banking – A Family Friend for Health

Whether you believe it or not, but it is a proven fact that the authorized stem cell banking can be your family friend for saving life of any of the family members. The team of the researchers worked hard in finding out the positive usage of umbilical cord blood. And today, they have shown it to the world. Now, the authorized stem cell banking will be the life-saver to millions of families provided they ought to be the lifetime members of a particular bank in their respective cities or the states. The umbilical cord blood bank provides excellent storage facility for the cord blood.

Cord Tissue Banking BenefitsSeeing major cord tissue banking benefits, thousands of expecting parents are joining the new age movement against the deadly diseases and they armed themselves with the protection. Also, the process of collecting the stem cell blood is very easy and painless. It does not harm the newborn baby and the mother. No one can believe that just within the 15 minute process, they give the most prized gift to their babies. And one of the major cord tissue banking benefits is it secures life against 80 critical illnesses such as Diabetes, Cancer, Blood disorders, Bone Marrow disorders and many others.

Before the researchers’ have come out with the amazing fact and possibility of life protection, the natural cord blood was regarded as the wastage and was thrown out in a dust-bin. Now, the FDA has also accredited many private banks for preserving the natural cord blood of a newborn baby. The private banks provide quality storage facilities as per the norms of the American Association of Blood Bank and the FDA. Also, they keep your data confidential and during the time of urgency, they deliver the stem cell to you in a timely manner. So, before gifting anything else to your baby, secure his/her health with the umbilical cord blood banking.

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