Monday, 15 September 2014

What is the Umbilical Cord Blood?

The days have gone when it was not possible to treat the deadly diseases. The team of researchers had worked hard and shown incredible stem cell research. The finding says that with the help of cord tissue, the doctors are now able to cure more than 80 serious diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Bone Marrow and others. The incredible stem cell research has gifted the expectant parents the future-health of their newborn babies. Really, it is a matter of pride and joy for the humanity that it is now possible to save a patient through his/her own stem cells because few years ago these cells were regarded as the medical wastage.

The specially trained technician collects the umbilical cord blood and preserves it under the best
temperature so that it can be used for around 15 years. Just after the birth of an infant, the collection process of the umbilical cord blood hardly takes 15-20 minutes and it is absolutely painless for the mother and a newborn baby. But, you must register to the cord blood banking for storing the natural resource of life of your baby.

Today, many cord blood banks are offering excellent storage facilities because of unbelievable cord tissue benefits. The very first benefit of the cord blood is it saves your child’s health. Also, through it many illnesses can be treated and the patient’s life can be saved. Without any doubt, the cord tissue benefits are tremendous and incomparable to any of the drugs or medicine in treating critical bodily problems. The FDA has given approval to many private cord blood banks. These banks provide quality storage rooms for preserving this natural source in its original form. Live peacefully being a proud member of the cord bank and secure your family’s future- health with a wise investment. Special gift for the special ones!

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