Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Umbilical Cord Blood Can Revive Life

At present, the umbilical cord blood is the talk of the town. All over the world, there are many cord blood banking companies that offer world-class storage facilities for preserving the newborn baby’s placenta blood. It is all because of the researchers who invested precious years in the investigation and they found the positive usage of the umbilical cord blood. Many years ago, there was no knowledge about the cord tissue and it was regarded useless. The health-practitioners used to throw it into the garbage. Thanks to the investigation team! Now, many patients can be saved from the dangerous diseases like Bone Marrow Failure, Blood Disorders, Cancers, Diabetes and others.
As per the latest report of the benefits of stem cell research, it is said that the stem cells work as the vital medicine for saving lives against 80 critical diseases. And this could be done by saving your cute baby’s placenta blood at the time of its birth. But, you need a registration with any of the cord blood banks for preserving the stem cells. Before you go to the hospital for delivery, you need to inform the bank representatives so that a collecting person can come and collect the cord tissue. 

After knowing the benefits of stem cell research many parents are securing their baby's future health by storing the precious and natural stem cells in the certified stem cell banks. The banks have been authorized by the FDA and the American Association of Blood Banks. So, before you register at any of the cord tissue banks, verify whether the bank is accredited by the FDA or not. Depending on the services, the private banks might have different prices for storing the cord blood for nearly 20 years. Really, this medical innovation has given hope to millions and they can revitalize their lives from the pain.

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