Monday, 22 September 2014

Are you aware about the Cord Tissue Banking Benefits?

The 21st century had shown many innovations that have redefined the human living standards. The cord blood is one of them. In earlier days, the society had no knowledge about the usage of the placenta blood and they used to consider it as the medical wastage. But, because of the scientific innovation of it, today, the whole of the humanity comes to know about the power of cord blood and all have started to preserve the newborn baby’s stem cells in the public or private banks.

The researchers have done lots of experiments and finally they said that the umbilical cord blood can treat more than 80 critical diseases. So, it is necessary to preserve them in any of the banks. There are many cord tissue banking benefits. One of them is it recovers life against Cancer, Bone Marrow Failure, Diabetes and other deadly diseases. The public and the private banks are making the people aware about the cord tissue banking benefits. They spread awareness. If the parents preserve the baby’s cord tissue in the authorized bank, they will be able to secure their family’s future-health. Yes, the umbilical cord tissue can repair the damaged cells in the human body and rejuvenate patient’s life. 

Depending on the facilities, the banks have different cord blood pricing. The public bank has no cord blood pricing as it accepts the cord tissue from the donors. The private banks preserve the stem cells for nearly 20 long years and protect your family from health issues. The cord tissues are the richest source of stem cells that has the power to generate new cells as per the necessity like blood cells, bone cells, etc. The authorized private banks have been accredited by the FDA and these banks follow the quality parameters set by the AABB. The placenta blood is a safeguard of the family and it secures baby’s future health.

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